Worldline is proud to present its first Fintech Challenge!

How will we pay in five years?

Your Fintech mission: 48 hours to create the e-payment services of tomorrow that take advantage of the new landscape: PSD2, instant payments, data value, GDPR, cyber-security, hyper-connectivity…

Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon


The objective of the Hackathon is to create the e-payments services of tomorrow that take advantage of the new landscape: PSD2, instant payments, data value, GDPR, cyber-security, hyper-connectivity….

Connect your assets with Worldline APIs to answer a specific set of business challenges raised by Worldline clients: creating disruptive use cases in different industrial domains and markets (P2P, C2B, B2B, B2C).

Subscribe to the Worldline e-payments Challenge, tell us about your company and your business, and we will get back to you very soon!

Leverage Worldline trusted assets and


Co-innovate with the European leader in e-payments and transactional services

Pitch to Worldline

customers during

the Challenge


Partner with

Worldline to scale

your business

International Hospitality group

Challenge 2

• Integration of receipts and payments transactions.

• Most flexible bonus system between merchants and banks especially in GDPR world.

Nordics Bank

Challenge 7

Challenge 3

Challenge 5

Instant payments in Telco world

New payments means

French bank

B2B e-commerce payments


Challenge 1

• Challenge 3.1 : Seamless guest consuming experience

• Challenge 3.2 : Community payments

Seamless payment experience in-store

European retailer

Challenge 4

Telco company

Challenge 6

Accepting payments in on-line B2B context without problems of cards payments.

Digitization of the current private cards, with self-management capabilities in order to reduce risk and fraud while achieving cost savings .

Virtualized management of fleet cards

Your challenge will advantage from Worldline assets and expertise


Digital Banking Platform

R&D Asset
New technologies

e/m commerce – SIPS

  • Turn browsers into buyers 
  • One-click payment 
  • New business models with subscription payments 
  • Extended channels, Enriched e-merchant reporting and fraud engine

Unattended payment terminal – VALINA

  • Worldline next generation VALINA is the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions

R&D Expertise

  • We allow third-party providers (TPPs) to set up a TPP service in a cost-effective way, get the required reach to the banks in Europe and put competitive services in the market


  • Leverage blockchain traceability benefits to mature your use case using Worldline moblo (modelling for blockchain)



  • How can bots improve e-payments? Get access to Worldline experts insights (use cases, tooling, demos)
  • Solution enables consumers to pay at existing contactless POS terminals using their NFC enabled mobile phone.  
  • Leverages Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology

  • Mobile first, connected world, voice fist

  • Disruptive innovation management, AI

Access 2 Account TTP Services


Trusted Authentication

  • Expand your PSP business relying on the leading European acquirer
  • Unified and secured non-cash payment transactions in an international landscape 
  • Strong customer authentication compliant with PSD2 and based on user’s mobile  
  • Offers wide possibility to combine authentication factors

HSM - Adyton

  • Secure data transaction systems – including token generation, transaction processing, digital signatures, data protection
  • Radically new hardware-based cryptographic accelerator providing unprecedented security, speed and user-friendliness

Digital enablement services

  • Leverages customer legacy assets to support fast omnichannel digital development

  • Wide set of business enablers, especially Xs2A Bank services that can be easily used as building blocks for creating advanced use cases  

Any Fintech company with specific expertise/assets in one of the challenges and are willing to partner with Worldline.



Potential projects with customers proposing the  challenges

Joint go-to-market with Worldline

Your presence on Worldline booths at global events (NRF in NY, MWC in Barcelona, Sibos etc.)

More tech-surprises for everyone!


08.00 am

08.30 am

01.00 pm

02.00 pm

02.00 pm

04:30 pm

05.00 pm

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Wednesday, September 26

05.00 pm

05.30 pm

07.30 pm

08.30 pm


Formal Opening

Experts/Clients Session

Cocktail and Networking

Dinner in Paris


Team Work and Dry Run


End of the challenge

Final Pitches

Winners Announcement and cocktail

Friday, September 28

Thursday, September 27


Challenge introduction

Team Work / Workshops


Team Work / Workshops


Working overnight

80 Quai Voltaire, 95870 Bezons - France


Empowering the Cashless Society

At Worldline, connecting and securing transactions is what we do on a daily basis. Covering the entire payment value chain, our technological experts create and operate digital platforms that handle the millions of highly critical transactions between a company, its partners, and its customers.

Our industrial processing capabilities allow us to process billions of electronic transactions per year in our highly secured data centers. We are proud of our commitment to security and continuous operational excellence - serving our clients is our top priority.



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